Turbines, Inc. offers in-line turbines, installed within a length of pipe, and wafer turbines, for insertion between two pipe flanges. Our in-line and wafer-style turbine meters are ruggedized, stainless steel, precision machined, offered with CD4MCu and/or 416 stainless steel rotors.

Performance Data:

  • Accuracy over range: +/- 1.0%* except TM0038 and WM0038 which are +/- 2.0%
  • Repeatability over flow range: +/- 0.10%
  • Operating temperature: -100 °F to +300 °F
  • Line sizes from 3/8 inch through 10 inches

*Learn about our meters that deliver 0.5% or better accuracy. Contact a Turbines, Inc. engineer , or call us at: +1-800-809-1387.

In-line turbines include:

Wafer-style turbines include:

Turbines, Inc. also provides the highest quality flow monitors for increased accuracy – ideal for the demands of field applications in need of reliable local output for instantaneous and total flow monitoring.

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Flow Monitors and Support Devices
Flow Monitors and Support Devices
TM Series Turbine Flow Meter
TM Series Turbine Flow Meter