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Provides highly accurate and reliable cryogenic flow measurement

ALTUS, OK, USA, April 14, 2015 – Turbines, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacturer of reliable and accurate turbine flow metering solutions, expands its comprehensive cryogenic monitoring capabilities with the availability of its cryogenic turbine flow meter for bulk and micro-bulk transports.

Turbines Inc.’s cryogenic flow meters for bulk and micro-bulk transports applications feature the same advanced technology of their liquid flow measurement products, but are specifically built for low-temperature requirements. The company’s cryogenic flow meters are widely known for producing highly accurate and reliable cryogenic flow measurement, a direct result of the emphasis they put on extensive research and development.

“By working with the leaders of the cryogenic industry, we’ve developed a cryogenic flow metering technology that is engineered to the unique requirements of bulk and micro-bulk transport applications,” said Ken Nugent, Director of Business Development at Turbines Inc. “Feedback we’ve received from the field confirms that our specialized cryogenic turbine flow meters have achieved a higher standard of reliability, longevity, and accuracy.”

Turbines, Inc. serves a range of industries and applications, from oil and gas, to cryogenic liquids, to custody transfer. Turbines, Inc.’s high-quality products, fast and reliable order fulfillment, and commitment to customer and technical support, have made them an industry leader in reliable flow metering.

Turbines Incorporated is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of competitively priced, accurate and reliable liquid and cryogenic turbine flow meters, electronic monitors, accessories and replacement parts, many of which are available for immediate shipment. Turbines Incorporated is part of an operating unit, which delivers proven differential and turbine meters, and fire suppression solutions. Our U.S. offices are located in Rhode Island (headquarters); Houston and Odessa-Midland, TX; Tulsa and Altus, OK; Seneca, SC; Bakersfield, CA. We also have offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Beijing, China; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information, please visit:


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