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Fast, efficient replacement solution for minimal downtime 

Altus, OK, USA, June 12, 2013- Turbines, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacturer of reliable and accurate turbine flow metering solutions, announces the development of their specialized Quick Change Meter for applications where downtime equals dollars lost.

The Turbines, Inc. Quick Change Meter is an innovative solution that redefines the standard design for time-sensitive metering applications. Typically, turbine meters consist of a specially machined rotor, mounted on bearings that spin within the body of the meter. When the rotor or bearings need to be replaced due to regular wear-and-tear associated with use in rugged or viscous applications, these types of meters must be completely removed from the piping scheme, resulting in undesirable downtime for the production facility and extra labor cost to replace the meter. 

With its revolutionary design, Turbines, Inc.’s Quick Change Meter allows for quick replacement of the internal components, without the need to remove the entire meter from its installation point – allowing customers to maintain process efficiency and accuracy with minimal downtime, mitigating an opportunity for pipeline shift. The meter’s unique body allows it to handle working pressures up to 1,500psig, which is significantly higher than the industry standard of 900-1,000psig. This added resilience provides greater versatility in the field, especially in oil and gas installations. 

Developed by the company’s research and development group, the Turbine’s Quick Change Meter is used in a variety of applications. Their research and development facility – located in Seneca, SC – is continually providing solutions that advance the efficiency of the company’s products, and enable greater productivity for customers through industry-leading accuracy and reliability. 

“Our customers depend upon our research and development efforts to come up with advancements, like the Quick Change Meter, that ensure they can maximize their production while maintaining the high accuracy that they’ve come to expect from us,” said Karen Downing, Executive Director of Turbines, Inc. “While we believe it’s important to innovate, we also feel it’s critical to make sure we can manufacture these new products and build substantial inventories so that the benefits they offer can be realized in the field as quickly as possible.” 

Turbines, Inc. serves a range of industries and applications, from oil and gas, to cryogenic liquids, to custody transfer. Turbines, Inc.’s high-quality products, fast and reliable order fulfillment, and commitment to customer and technical support, have made them an industry leader in reliable flow metering. 



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