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Superior accuracy for liquid turbine metering applications

Altus, OK, USA, June 19, 2013- Turbines, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacturer of reliable and accurate turbine flow metering solutions, announces the development of their specialized High Accuracy Meter, which is commercially available for liquid applications where precise measurement is of paramount importance.

Turbines, Inc.’s High Accuracy Meter is our premium line of high accuracy turbine flow meters built with extremely tight tolerances only achievable with our precision manufacturing processes, stringent quality control, and in house calibration capabilities. Specifically engineered to meet the strict standards required for custody transfer, the High Accuracy Meter delivers +/- 0.5% or better accuracy and +/- 0.1% repeatability for low viscosity applications.

Developed by Turbines, Inc.’s Research and Development engineering team, the High Accuracy Meter is the newest product to emerge from the Seneca, SC facility. This liquid turbine meter is yet another example of how the company is continually providing solutions that advance the turbine metering industry through accuracy and reliability. 

“Our customers depend upon our research and development efforts to design enhanced offerings such as the High Accuracy Meter,” said Karen Downing, Executive Director of Turbines, Inc. “This is just another example of how Turbines, Inc. is creating innovative products to meet the precise needs of our growing customer base.” 

Turbines, Inc. serves a range of industries and applications, from oil and gas, to cryogenic liquids, to custody transfer. Turbines, Inc.’s high quality products, fast and reliable order fulfillment, and commitment to customer and technical support, have made them an industry leader in reliable flow metering. 




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