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Provides highly accurate and reliable cryogenic flow measurement

ALTUS, OK, USA, March 10, 2015 – Turbines, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacturer of reliable and accurate turbine flow metering solutions, expands its comprehensive cryogenic monitoring capabilities with the availability of its updated cryogenic turbine flow meter for industrial, chemical, aerospace, as well as research and development applications.

The TMC Series cryogenic turbine flow meter has an all stainless steel body and shaft, with a nickel rotor in all available line sizes. Turbines, Inc.’s cryogenic meters can handle a temperature range of -450°F to +450°F, making them the ideal meters for extreme temperature applications. Additionally, the performance flow rate range has increased to 12,000 GPM.

ALTUS, OK USA, February 26, 2015 – In many shale plays, the composition of the “flowback” from fracking sites are a complex combination of water, extraction chemicals, soluble and insoluble gases, oil, as well as proppants (small particulates, typically sand or ceramic). The substantial volume of material coming to the surface is processed through systems designed to separate the oil, gas, and water emulsion, while employing filters to remove proppants from the mixture. Once separated, the fluids and gas are pumped into tanks for further processing; and in the case of water, pumped to holding tanks or evaporation ponds.

This article will delve into the importance of highly accurate measurement of oil and gas as those flows go through the collection piping and production manifold toward the processing facility or storage units. It will also cover the measurement of flowback and wastewater that are intended for potential re-use or onsite disposal, both of which are governed by increasing regulation.


ALTUS, OK USA, October 1, 2014 – To help highlight the challenging and rewarding careers that manufacturing offers, and to reaffirm the importance of manufacturers to our state’s economy, Mayor David Webb proclaimed October 3, 2014, as National Manufacturing Day in Altus, with representatives from Bar-S Foods, Turbines, Inc., American Gypsum, Hokett Asphalt and Construction, Altus Chamber of Commerce, and Southwest Technology Center’s Business and Industry Department.


ODESSA, TX USA, July 28, 2014 – Turbines Incorporated, the leader in the design and manufacturer of reliable and accurate turbine flow metering solutions, has appointed Ms. Natalie Hampton to the position of General Manager at Turbinesinc-Odessa, LLC, the company’s sales/distribution facility located in West Texas that serves and supports an ever-growing number of oil and gas production companies with high-quality flow meters and instrumentation.


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