Turbines, Inc.’s Cryogenic Totalizer Model CDS1000 accurately computes and displays in real-time actual flow parameters in real-time in both digital and graphic formats.

The monitor comes with a wealth of standard features, including Bluetooth wireless printer interface, selectable engineering units (e.g., gallons, liters, pounds, M3, etc.). It is programmable via front keyboard and continuously corrects measured volume as product temperature changes.

The model CDS1000 also offers useful options, including our MZ320 Bluetooth Printer, custom ticket setup and linearization for enhanced system accuracy. Our monitor can be purchased separately or combined with our cryogenic turbine meter and transition piping for a complete delivery system. The TMC turbine line offers an all 300 series stainless steel body. 

CDS1000 Standard Features:

  • +/- 0.5% calibration and temperature range
  • Real-time backlit LCD display
  • Linearization: 2 - 10 points
  • Temperature compensation supports 8 products
  • Programmable pump control
  • Automatic maintenance reminders
  • Complete Level 3 audit trail
  • System alarm log
  • Bluetooth and RS232 communication
  • Auto-save and restoration for power loss
  • Field programmable
  • Password protection
  • Pump cavitation protection



CDS1000 Cryogenic Monitor

cds1000 back

CDS1000 Cryogenic Monitor (Back)