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FMG1000 - Technical Data

FMG1000 Standard Features

  • Microcontroller-based rate/totalizer computes gas density
  • LED back-lit display with two independent display lines
  • Temperature range: -22° F to +150° F
  • EEPROM parameter storage; secondary storage location for parameters and linearization table

FMG1000 Technical Specifications

  • 40 point linearization
  • Refresh Rate Continuous to 2 seconds
  • Pulse Input: Supports sine, square, and OC type flow meters
  • Pulse Output: Opto-isolated
  • Internal Power: Lithium primary D cell battery
  • External Power: 5-48 VDC reverse polarity protected
  • Built-in test system for diagnostics and pulse output
  • Display Rate Units: Per second, minute, hour, day, or custom
  • Maintenance: Internal warning and error reporting system

See our FMG1000 technical data PDF for more information.




FMG1000 Flow Monitor