Our research and development arm, Turbines R&D, LLC, continually improves upon existing products and develops new solutions, focusing on superior materials, accuracy, and value based on real-world customer and application requirements.

Quality and cost control

While many competitors have sent their manufacturing – and in some cases engineering – offshore, we continue to design and fabricate flow meters in our own plant in the U.S., providing +/-0.5% accuracy, and consistent improvement.

Superior materials

Quality is our top priority. The raw material for our turbine bodies, for example, is strictly first quality stainless steel, rather than the cast substitutes used by some competitors. We have found – confirmed by our large and growing customer base – that using only top quality materials results in meters that last longer, provide better performance in harsh service and retain calibration when lesser equipment fails.  We are also experimenting with other materials to suit special applications and continue our industry-leading position into the future.

Industry-leading value

Our commitment to providing every customer exceptional value – the best products and service at the lowest possible price – is underscored by our ISO 9001 quality system certification.  In all our R&D efforts, we underscore the need to continue providing the best value for all metering applications.



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