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Turbines, Inc. offers turbine flow meter RetroFit Kits for the complete turbine line that can be easily installed in the field to avoid costly delays returning meters repair. All kits are calibrated.

Our cost-effective line of RetroFit Kits includes all internal components for the series turbine the customer needs repaired. Standard and Heavy Duty RetroFit Kits are available.

Performance Data

  • Expedient delivery on orders for quick turn-around time
  • Same accuracy as the associated turbine series
  • Available styles: gas, wafer, in-line, slurry, cryogenic, high accuracy, high pressure, and quick change

Our RetroFit Kits fit most other manufacturers’ turbines, providing accuracy, reliability, and high value that you can depend on.

For expert help to specify the correct kit for your TK and WK application contact us. For cryogenic and high accuracy turbine series applications contact us.



QC Series Retro Fit Kit


Slurry Series Retro Fit Kit